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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any government rebates still available?

Most of our customers are eligible for both the Victorian and Federal rebates, however, some are not. Before you commit to a new system from us, we will walk you through the whole process of rebate applications to determine up front if you're eligible.

Feed-in tariffs are low now days. Is solar really worth it?

Feed-in tariffs are low. Feed-in tariffs will probably only get lower over time. Thankfully, feed-in tariffs are not how you usually make a significant return on investment of a new solar system. Self-consumption of the power you're generating first and then selling any excess power you have back into the grid is usually the best way financially to get a quick return on your investment. Stop by our store or call us and we would be happy to calculate approximate pay-back time frames for you even accounting for the low feed-in tariffs. 

Are you Clean Energy Council Accredited?

Yes. We are fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) as an Authorised Solar Retailer as well as an Accredited Solar Designer & Installer (Accreditation no. A7371682).

We may add a battery to our solar system in the future. Is that important to discuss when designing our solar system?

Certainly. Not all inverters support batteries. Choosing a battery-ready inverter (also known as a Hybrid Inverter) when initially installing your system will save you significant costs if you decide to add a battery in the future, as you will likely not need to change over your whole inverter as part of the process.

What happens after my solar system is installed?

Many things. In Victoria, all solar installations must be inspected by a licensed and independent electrical inspector prior to use. Once that's happened, your power distributer and retailer must be contacted to notify them as well as to reconfigure your smart meter to enable it to start measuring the excess power fed into the grid from your solar system. We will manage this whole process behind the scenes and with minimal need to bother you while still keeping you updated and informed on the process.

What locations do you service?

Although we are based in St Arnaud, we are able to service most regional areas as well as metro Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula areas. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask if your location is in our service area.

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